Sourcebook of sports based solutions by ‘AMELIA project’

The sourcebook of sport based solutions for urban regeneration is a collection of good practices and a source of external resources about placemaking, tactical urbanism and playmaking

We will refer to placemaking as non-temporary solutions, inspired by citizens of all ages to reinvent cities in order to make them better places for the people who live in the city. Placemaking normally requires investors such as governmental or local authorities.

Tactical urbanism refers to temporary solutions with low budgets and normally citizen-led, although it could also be initiated by government entities.

Playmaking refers to playgrounds and other solutions inspired by children. These types of solutions are meant to not only renovate some areas but also become safe places where kids and families can play, learn, be active and explore new activities.

With this tool, the AMELIA project wishes to share knowledge and inspire cities to experiment solutions to integrate sport and physical activity in their planning process and regeneration strategies.

For this matter, we will divide such good practices into 3 different groups:

Good practices

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