El Chaparral walking group by Kean

Do you like El Chaparral forest as much as we do? Do you want to be part of our group? Would you like to hike while exchanging languages and meeting new people?

Join us all Tuesdays and Thursdays at ‘El Chaparral walking group’. We are a fully accredited non-profit association based in Costa del Sol.

Why did we set up this group?

  1. We are passionate about nature and a healthy life-style. This forest holds endless natural-treasures and we are willing to find out more about it every day.
  2. Sharing experiences. Meeting new people and sharing new adventures with people who have similar interests.
  3. Language exchange. Making the most of the multiculturality in our area. For all of those who want to improve their Spanish/English or learn some new languages.
  4. Walking our furry friends together. We know how important it is for our dogs to have an active life and experience the benefits of walking in the forest.
  5. Looking after mother nature. Our leader will always carry a bag and some gloves in order to remove all rubbish and keep our forest clean.

How can I sign up?

All of those who would like to join us will only have to add their name and email here (all the data facilitated is confidential and will not be used for promotional or lucrative purposes), then you can click our calendar here, click on top of the day and add your name. In the unlikely event of having less than 2 people joining we will have to cancel the event, cancellation will be notified via email and in the calendar.

Thank you for being part of the Kean family.